JMI´s regular sections

​​Regular Sections of Each Volume

JMI encourages authors to explore the boundaries of Academic work through different sections.  Each one has its distinct format and "voice", and allows authors to disseminate their ideas without the usual constraints of rigid formats.

·Dialogues–  promotes active, constructive exchanges between proponents of differing points of view, focusing on emerging issues, theories and modes of inquiry.


Essayscomprises an academic Op Ed section, featuring scholarly commentary on how we frame, perceive, distort and contribute to the disciplines associated with management.


·Generative Curiosityintroduces new ideas to the field in a timely, unadulterated fashion with the aim to encourage further scholarly interest, conversation, and collaboration.


·Meet the Personinterviews thinkers, scholars and professionals whose ideas are important and necessary to the study of management.


·Non-traditional Researchapplies alternative theoretical lenses, methodological approaches, and sources of data to explore a range of organizationally relevant phenomena.


Provocations & Provocateurs offers rich insights into management and organizational behavior through such alternative modes of expression as plays, fiction, speeches, films, news events and scholarly work outside common boundaries of the field.


·Reflections on Experienceadvocates certain solutions or techniques; evaluates popular management methods or successful or failed interventions; or identifies important management problems in need of solution.


·Six Degrees celebrates the connections and collaborations that have produced seminal contributions to the field via Podcast interviews.

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