The “Provocations and Provocateurs” section of JMI is an invited, but reviewed section of the journal, and does not accept unsolicited submissions.

The invited essays are intended to be short, sharp commentaries on various issues in the field ranging from pointed commentary on the way we as a field think and act in doing theory and research, to how and why we teach, to wider political issues, to personal and professional semi-rants about issues of concern to JMI’s readership.



The main criteria governing invitations are that these pieces be provocative (in the best sense of the term – i.e., that they provoke the response, “That’s interesting!” or “I hadn’t thought about that,” or “I hadn’t thought about it in that way.”), that they be written in a lively, readable style (not in stilted academese) and that they be brief (6-8 manuscript pages).


These essays are meant to capture a memorable idea in a short burst, so readers can read for 10 minutes and be left with something to think about and even act upon.

This section is managed by Dennis Gioia, the Robert & Judith Auritt Klein Professor of Management at the Smeal College of Business at PennState, USA.

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