​Instructions to Authors


JMI believes that a good understanding of the philosophy behind each section is essential for a good submission: it saves time and effort for authors and Journal alike, and increases the chances of acceptance and ultimately the quality of the Journal.


With that idea in mind, JMI has prepared this section which will help you prepare your manuscript for submission to the right section, according to its "spirit" and personality.  If you are unfamiliar with the sections of the Journal of Management Inquiry, you will find a description on our home page.


Instructions for specific sections


Please note that sections "Six Degrees" and "Provocation and Provocateurs" are by invitation only.  If you feel you have an interesting idea, feel free to contact the section editors but in general, the content of these sections are initiated by the Editor.

For "Dialogues", please contact either Editor in Chief, or both if you prefer, for guidance and instructions on how to submit a dialogue.

For Generative Curiosity, click here.

For Essays, click here.

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