JMI´s raison d´être.


JMI´s raison d´être (French for reason to exist, also known as mission), is to contribute to the generation and diffusion of original knowledge by being at the forefront of academic debates in the fields of Organization Studies, Management, and the social sciences in general.

We do so in two ways: by creating new sections and new formats that free authors from the formal constraints of other journals, and by publishing novel ideas that challenge our collective beliefs and push the frontiers of our understanding.

JMI takes pride in publishing papers that are original and thought-provoking and accepting manuscripts that could not find their place in more traditional journals. 


We playfully describe our mission as being able to publish manuscripts that ally "the rigor of ASQ (Administrative Sciences Quarterly) with the style of the New Yorker" (or, if you read French, the style of Le Monde.  This is shorthand for our core idea: we want to publish manuscripts that make an impact in the reader and the community.

Read JMI´s mission here.

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