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Essays: Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers

We think of the Essay section as an Op Ed section featuring scholarly commentary on how we frame, perceive, distort and contribute to the disciplines associated with management.  Ideally, a good Essay makes a rigorous point that contributes to the academic conversation regarding the study of management in general. 

What submissions is JMI seeking for Essays?

It is probably easier to start by describing what Essays is not. 


Essays is not a place to publish manuscripts whose main objective is to present the results of research efforts.  While it is possible to present findings, if the paper is mostly about presenting research findings, however interesting, then Essays is probably not the place.


Essays is not the place to publish literature reviews in any form.  While a good Essay often makes reference to the literature and connects to it, manuscripts that are mostly about reviewing literature are not the kind Essays is looking for, even if the review points at some crucial void or even if the literature has not been reviewed in that manner.

What Essays tries to do is to provide a forum to reconcile the "rigor of ASQ with the style of the New Yorker (or, if you read French, Le Monde)". 




Can I contact the editors prior to my initial submission to discuss an idea?


At JMI, we are happy to work with authors before the initial submission. However, given resource constrains that affect JMI and many other journals, we require authors to have put some work into their ideas beforehand, as it is very risky -as well as unfair for the authors, to provide feedback on a paragraph. 


At a minimum we expect authors to have reviewed relevant literature and discussed their Essay idea with their colleagues before we hear from them.   We expect authors to have thought about the idea behind the Essay for a while, and create an Academic conversation around it with other scholars within and outside organization sciences.

You can contact the Essays editor at

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